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Hobby + Happy = Hoppy

Hello my name is Kasper Adsbøll and i come from Denmark. The past 4 years i have drawn my own comic that I have puplished on social medie. Mostly on Reddit and 9Gag. Here you can see a few of my comics but if you want to read more of them you check the links where you can find more comics:

Reddit Collectible avatars

I am one the artist behind some of Reddits Collectible avatars.

On Reddit you can have your own personal avatar you can create by mixing different traits created by different artist from around the world.

I was so lucky that i was chosen to be a part of Reddits Collectible avatars and get to design my own three.  

Avatar comics

The cone wars was a meme war that began at r/avatartrading and i began drawing comics about the war. The vikings are at war with the cone heads (another avatar artist) You can see read a few of them on my website but you can see them all on my Reddit profile.


Here you can see the backgrounds for all of Snoo characters.

Upcoming card game about the Cone Wars

The Cone wars is a meme battle between the Cone heads (an avatar that another artist have created) and vikings(Knoo, the viking i have drawn). People on Reddit are using their avatar to show which team they are on and then they post all kind of memes about it.

You can see it here:

And i am creating a cardgame based on the cone wars. This is my first AirDrop. One day I hope it can become a video game. 


Here you can see some of the things that i have drawn. You can find more drawings here: