Reddit Collectible avatars

I was contacted by Reddit and asked to be a part of their Reddit Collectible Avatar program. It was me and 30 other people from around the world.

I am one of the original avatar artists

Collectible Comic Collections

The way I market my avatars is with comics, that I post on Reddit and that way keeping my avatars relavent.
The story about my avatar Dark Duck has gone viral and helped me seel a bunch of avatars.

Published Author

I am one of the authors of a comic collection about danish folklore creatures. I have drawn and created a story about Helhesten.


What you see here are a few samples of my drawings, but if you’re interested in seeing more, I invite you to check out my complete collection.

I am the creator of more than 400 comics that I have published to different social platforms, and they have gone viral a lot of times, and they have been seen by millions of people around the world, and it was the reason why Reddit contacted me in the first place.

Kasper Adsbøll

Graphic Designer with a passion for drawing

I am a graphic Designer from Denmark with a passion for drawing and cartoons. I was contacted by Reddit and has now made a name for myself in the Crypto NFT world. You can see more in the link: