Reddit Collectible avatars

I was chosen between 30 people from araound the world to be the the first one to create Reddit Collictible avatars. Here you can see what avatars I made:

Collectible Comic Collections

I have made over 100 pages of comics about my avatars! These are the marketing I am using for my avatars.

One of the places I am posting my comics is here:


What you see here are a few samples of my drawings, but if you’re interested in seeing more, I invite you to check out my complete collection.

I create my own comic series which has gone viral more times then I know of, I have done interviews and they were the reason Reddit discovered me.

They can be about everything and here you can read some of the most popular, but I have made over 400 comics you can find  on my social medie

Kasper Adsbøll

More illustrator, then Graphic Designer

The man behind it all! I am a Graphic Designer, living in Denmark doing my comics and all my illustrations, trying to one day be able to live of my skills as an illustrator!

I have not worked a lot as a graphic designer, but you can find some of my graphic work here: