Graphic Design

Noget af det grafiske materiale jeg har lavet igennem tiden

Alt til politikeren

I worked and created all of the designs of a small company that sold graphical solutions to politicians.

Ole Fly Reklamebureau

I was educated as graphic designer at a add agency where i designed adds for a company called STARK. This is some of the adds i created.

I have created a few posteres and other stuff for a website called Bubbleminds. Bubbleminds is a website where teachers can find assignments they can use in class. 

Freelance jobs

I have done few freelance jobs, and here you can see a bit of the things I have done!


Hammersalg was a game I made via HTML, CSS, Javascript and Phonegap.

The idea was that when you were out looking for a new house, you could find one via a game.
You see some pictures and some facts about the house, and you then have to guess what it is for sale for, and that way it could be a more fun way to look at a house, even if you don’t want to buy.

I had made an agreement with Lokalbolig Fredericia to have it published, but unfortunately it fell through.