Who am I?

You can see my Portfolio here:

My name is Kasper, and I have drawn my entire life. As a kid I was not able to walk past a blank paper without drawing something on it. Every book I have owned in elementary school I have over drawn. When ever I finished a playstation game I continued the story with my drawings, so a good game never ended, so it is safe to say I love drawing. 

In 2015 I got my education as a graphic designer and was looking forward to make some logos or some cool websites, but my first job was to answer the phone at a major printing company, so it was very far from what I dreamt about.

Something good did come out of the job, because when you have helped with the same issue 100 times you dont really need to think a lot when you help a customer, so when ever I was on the phone I started drawing Hoppy Doodle and making jokes. So the more busy I was on the phone the more comics I made.

Luckily I got fired, and I started to apply for every job i could find. I got a substitute job where I teached in drawing, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Illustrator but it was about this time Corona hits the world and I needed to find a job again.

I suddenly had a lot of time so I started to produce a lot of comics that summer. In about a 2 month I drew 300 comics. Since there was no graphic jobs I needed to apply somewhere else, so I got a job at a kindergarten. I worked about a year here and got a new job at a school where I teached kids in different classes. 

At this point I thought to myself that I was never going to be a graphic designer and even less an artist, so I applied for a new education. To become a teacher. I got accepted and was looking forward to start a new era in my life.

But then right after I got accepted at my new school, I got a message on Reddit by someone saying that they liked my artwork and they wanted me to be a part of an avatar program called collectible avatars.

At the moment I did not know how big it was, it was not before a Friday evnening where I just had come home and I saw a message with a link to a video of my drawings being showed on a big screen on Time Square.

Now I have drawn two collections and the entire thing is pretty succesful. My second collection was sold in about 14 hours! I am very grateful of Reddit gave me chance and saw the potential my drawings has, and it changed my life completly!

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